Flutter Material UI Alignment Enum

Alignment uses visual coordinates, which means increasing x moves the point from left to right. To support layouts with a right-to-left TextDirection, consider using AlignmentDirectional, in which the direction the point moves when increasing the horizontal value depends on the TextDirection.

Alignment Constants

  • Alignment.bottomCenter: The center point along the bottom edge.

  • Alignment.bottomLeft: The bottom left corner.

  • Alignment.bottomRight: The bottom right corner.

  • Alignment.center: The center point, both horizontally and vertically.

  • Alignment.centerLeft: The center point along the left edge.

  • Alignment.centerRight: The center point along the right edge.

  • Alignment.topCenter: The center point along the top edge.

  • Alignment.topLeft: The top left corner.

  • Alignment.topRight: The top right corner.