Material DataCell Widget Tutorial

DataRow Constructors

  • DataCell(Widget child, {bool placeholder, bool showEditIcon, GestureTapCallback? onTap, GestureLongPressCallback? onLongPress, GestureTapDownCallback? onTapDown, GestureTapCallback? onDoubleTap, GestureTapCancelCallback? onTapCancel}): Creates an object to hold the data for a cell in a DataTable.

DataRow Properties

  • child: The data for the row.

  • onDoubleTap: Called when the cell is double tapped.

  • onLongPress: Called if the cell is long-pressed.

  • onTap: Called if the cell is tapped.

  • onTapCancel: Called if the user cancels a tap was started on cell.

  • onTapDown: Called if the cell is tapped down.

  • placeholder: Whether the child is actually a placeholder.

  • showEditIcon: Whether to show an edit icon at the end of the cell.