Installation of Python IDE or Code editor

IDE or Code editor is one of the most important tools for Python programmers specifically designed to edit the source code of python language. It helps you code formatting, debugging, error findings, autocompletion, color your codes and provides you more advanced tools to make coding easier for you.


  • Available IDE or Editors

  • Installation of IDE or Editor

  • Run IDE or Editor

Available IDE or Editors for Python

  • PyCharm

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Python IDLE. etc.

Installation of Python IDE or Editor

For this course we are going to use PyCharm IDE Community Edition (Professional 30 Days Trial), Let’s see the installation process

  • Go to download url and download the community or professional edition.

  • Wait until the download complete.

  • Double-click on the downloaded file (For Windows user)

  • Go ahead the installation process according to setup wizard.

  • Make sure click on 64 bit launcher (If your operation system is bit)

  • If download professional version then provide the license if you have otherwise can use 30 days trial.

Run the PyCharm

  • Double-click on the icon of the Python

  • Now you should see the window which show open project or create project button.

Python IDE or Editor installation and run tutorial