Python Bismillah/First Coding

Congratulations! Hope you successfully completed your Python Environment setup and IDE or Editor installation. Now you are going to create your first program using the Python language.


  • Create a Python project using IDE or Editor

  • Create the first Python program & run it

Create a Python project using PyCharm

  • Open the PyCharm IDE

  • Projects >> New Project / File >> New Project

  • Choose the Location of your project.

  • If you want to create a file called, then tick the Create a welcome scrip from the bottom

  • click the create button from the bottom.

  • It will automatically create a Virtual Environment

Create the first Python program & run it

  • Create a file called & write the below codes

print("This is Bismillah Program")
  • Right click from the mouse and click Run bismillah or Run filename

  • The program will run and you will see the output of the program on the console.


This is Bismillah Program

Process finished with exit code 0

Python first program using IDE or Editor video tutorial