PHP Development IDE and Bismillah Program

For PHP Development there is lots of IDEs available, this section we will try to find them.

Visual Studio Code

The Visual Studio Code is opensource and free popular IDE nowadays, so we are going to install it for out PHP Development. Please follow the link for step-by-step installation process of Visual Studio Code

Bismillah Program in PHP

  • Hope are you following our tutorial step by step, so you already installed XAMPP

  • Go to the XAMPP directory, then find the directory called htdocs

  • Create directory called php-bismillah

  • Open VSCode there and create file called index.php and put the below codes

echo 'This is Bismillah Program';
  • Make sure your apache server started

  • Then go to the url called http://localhost/php-bismillah

  • Now you should see the text This is Bismillah Program is showing.

Video Tutorial


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