PHP development environment preparation

For php Development we need 3 things in single package. Those are

  • Apache HTTP server

  • MariaDB / MySQL server

  • php server

We can install those individually or we may choose software which manage those in single installation. For server installation we need to install HTTP, MariaDB, php individually but for development environment we can use some software. Suppose

  • XAMPP (Cross Platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP, Perl): For any platform

  • WAMP (Windows, Apache, MariaDB, PHP): Specially for Windows environment

  • MAMP (Mac, Apache, MariaDB, PHP): macOS Environment

XAMPP download & installation on Windows

  • Download the XAMPP from apachefriends .

  • Now you should see the download options for Windows, Linux, macOS

  • For our case we are going to click on 8.x.x Download (64 bit)

  • Wait until the download complete.


  • When the download is complete please go to the file and double click on it.

  • You may see the windows confirmation box, click on yes

  • Click on okay on warring dialog.

  • Press next action from the button.

  • You can un-check unnecessary packages, our case we are remaining as default. Click on next.

  • You can specify the location of installation directory, for our case we are taking it default. Click on next.

  • Choose language and Click on next.

  • Click on next.

  • Click on next. Then it will start installation. Wait until the installation process has done.

  • Click on Finish. Then the control panel will open

Operate XAMPP

  • Click on Start align with Apache, then Apache server will start with port 80 (If you see the firewall message then you can allow if you have that access, or your may cancel it.), os you can access it by open the browser and type url http://localhost/. Now you should see the Dashboard of XAMPP.

  • This way you can open the MariaDB / MySQL and others servers.

Video Tutorial