Copy the HTML index file into WordPress index directly with assets

If you already clone the project from GitHub using the below command, that would be great, if not then can download.

git clone -branch only-html-template
  • From WordPress theme directory html-to-wp-theme > html-template > index.html open the file and copy all the content, and directly paste to the index.php

  • What about you front end of the WordPress, Please go to front end and reload, you should see the broken UI. That’s okay we will fix those step by step.

  • Now copy html-to-wp-theme > html-template > assets directory to html-to-wp-theme. That’s all for now.

Breakdown of the theme parts

This template has 4 parts

  • Header : The top section

  • Body : The main content area

  • Sidebar : Left or right part of the theme

  • Footer : The bottom part of the theme.

Home Parts