How to install gradle manually?

Gradle installation is very easy. If you installed or add environment variable ever then it’s nothing for you. But don’t worry if you not added before let’s learn the process.

Before gradle install you have to make sure your Java Installed, If not follow the Java Environment Setup. from here just check the JDK Installation.

Step by Step Gradle Install Process.

  1. Go to the Release page

  2. Here you will see the release of all version of gradle

  3. Choose the latest version, and click on binary-only, it will start download. You may download complete, but it’s not necessary.

  4. After completed download we have to set the environment variable.

  5. I am going to create a directory gradle under C: drive. you can create anywhere in you hard drive. (For windows user)

  6. Copy the downloaded zip file into that gradle directory.

  7. Extract it. Suppose to the directory name is gradle-x.x. now let’s add it to environment variable.

  8. Click start from you task bar. (Click on start menu.)

  9. Then search the name environment (Star typing called environment), there will come 2 result.

    1. Edit the system environment variables: My case I am choosing this option because I got full administrative permission of the operating system.

    2. Edit environment variables for your account: Click on this if you have limited access of you operating system.

  10. Now you are seeing System Properties. from below click on Environment Variables button.

  11. Now you are seeing the Environment Variables.

  12. From the System variables scroll and find the variable name Path then double-click on it.

  13. Click New then paste C:\gradle\gradle-x.x\bin. if you placed you gradle other drive please paste that location, such as X:\your-location\gradle-x.x\bin

  14. Click OK, Again OK. :D.

How to test Gradle Version from CMD.

  1. Click start from you task bar.

  2. Search Run. click on that.

  3. Write cmd press enter from keyboard.

  4. The black screen will come. Write there gradle --version. It will show the gradle version. If not then please see the installation steps you may miss any of step.

YouTub Video Tutorial for gradle manually installation.