How to prepare Java Development Environment?

For Java development environment preparation we need 2 things Java Development Kit (JDK) it’s mandatory, the other one is IDE Installation, It’s some cases optional & some cases mandatory. Professional purpose IDE is mandatory.

Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

JDK is the hart of java, where all the libraries, Interpreter & Java Virtual Machine (JVM) all are included. There is 2 popular distribution of JDK.

  1. Oracle JDK : Distributed by Oracle corporation. Download Oracle JDK

  2. Open JDK : Community based. Download Open JDK

Open JDK Step by Step Installation

If you face difficulty to any step please see the YouTube Video below.

  1. Go for Download Open JDK

  2. For my case I am selecting 13

  3. If your are using linux then use Linux, My case I am selecting Windows one

  4. When download completed extract the JDK zip file.

  5. The extracted directory we can use for development, but I am going to add environment variable for java.

  6. I am going to show the process for windows 10, please let me know if you face problem in other operating system.

  7. Copy the extracted directory and go to C: drive.

  8. Create a directory called java then paste the extracted directory.

  9. Click start from you task bar. (Click on start menu.)

  10. Then search the name environment (Star typing called environment), there will come 2 result.

    1. Edit the system environment variables: My case I am choosing this option because I got full administrative permission of the operating system.

    2. Edit environment variables for your account: Click on this if you have limited access of you operating system.

  11. Now you are seeing System Properties. from below click on Environment Variables button.

  12. Now you are seeing the Environment Variables.

  13. Click the new button under System variables.

  14. From New System Variable

    1. Put a variable name: JAVA_HOME

    2. Put a variable value: C:\java\jdk-13 (Which we earlier copied, if your location is different then please fill by that location.)

  15. Click OK.

  16. From the System variables scroll and find the variable name Path then double-click on it.

  17. Click New then paste %JAVA_HOME%\bin

  18. Click OK, Again OK, Then OK. :D

That’s all about JDK installation.

How to test Java Version from CMD.

  1. Click start from you task bar.

  2. Search Run. click on that.

  3. Write cmd press enter from keyboard.

  4. The black screen will come. Write there java --version. It will show the java version. If not then please see the installation steps you may miss any of step.

Install IDE (Integrated Development Environment.)

Actually we can write code without any IDE. For coding enough to use notepad for windows, vi editor for linux. But IDE has lots of advantage, that’s why nowadays people are using IDE. Nowadays IDE is mendatory for professional use.

Advantage of IDE

  1. Code suggestion

  2. Code template

  3. File and Directory better organization

  4. Easy to code run and debug etc.

Available IDE for Java development

There is lots of IDEs for java development, below listed some of them, In this section we will install only IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. nowadays this is a very popular IDE for Java developers.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Download

  2. NetBeans Download

  3. Eclipse Download

  4. VS Code Download

Step by Step Install Process of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

  1. Go to Download IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

  2. Click on download button under the community section according you Operating System type, My case it’s Windows.

  3. When download completed double-click on the file.

  4. Windows will ask you that, are you sure to continue installation, please click on yes.

  5. Now you are seeing the Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA…​ screen. click Next.

  6. Choose Install Location if you want then can change the location. In my case I am not changing anything clicking on Next.

  7. Installation Options Here you can select lots of option, I am just clicking 64-bit launcher checkbox, because my operating system 64bit. You can select according to your OS. Click Next

  8. Choose Start Menu Folder Click on Install. You can change the name from here if you want.

  9. It will start installation, please wait until the process completed.

  10. Completing IntelliJ IDEA.. tick the Run IntelliJ IDEA checkbox then click Finish. The Editor will start.

  11. Accept the License agreement by clicking below checkbox. Continue

  12. Select the theme, Fo my case I am going to use all default settings, that’s why clicking on Skip Remaining and Set Default.

  13. Now you are seeing the IDEA welcome screen.

Java Development Environment Preparation Full Video at YouTube.