Virtualization Technologies

Suppose we have 3 physical servers with individual dedicated purposes, called 1. Email Server, 2. Web Server, 3. File Server. Each server is being used at about 30% capacity, just a fraction of their running potential. So each server has 70% of unused capacity. Virtualization allow you to combine them, like as if we install a virtualization software in one of our physical machine it’s allow you to incorporate 2 or all of physical server in a single machine, according to capacity and others. This way virtualization ensure efficiency and proper use of resources.

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is the emulated equivalent of a computer system that runs on top of physical system. Virtual machine try to represent same feature of actually machine (Computer). Where you can able to access Network, Storage, CPU, USB etc like an actual compute or machine, But those are not real, those shared from actual machine. This is very useful for Portability, Disaster Management, Easy Experiment etc.

What is a hypervisor?

A hypervisor is a program for creating and running virtual machines. Hypervisors have traditionally been split into two classes: type one, or "bare metal" hypervisors that run guest virtual machines directly on a system’s hardware, essentially behaving as an operating system. Type two, or "hosted" hypervisors behave more like traditional applications that can be started and stopped like a normal program. In modern systems, this split is less prevalent, particularly with systems like KVM. KVM, short for kernel-based virtual machine, is a part of the Linux kernel that can run virtual machines directly, although you can still use a system running KVM virtual machines as a normal computer itself.

Microsoft hyper-v

  1. License: Free

  2. OS: On Windows 10 and Windows Server

  3. Tutorial

VMware Workstation Player

  1. License: Non-commercial, personal and home use

  2. OS: Windows, Mac and Linux

  3. Supports: Supports GPU virtualization.

  4. Download

Oracle VM VirtualBox

  1. License: Free

  2. OS: Windows, Mac and Linux

  3. Download

Citrix Hypervisor

  1. License: Free

  2. Download