MariaDB Environment Setup

For practice database commands or SQL you have to setup the environment first, otherwise it’s difficult to practice by own. This section of the MariaDB tutorial you will learn about MariaDB environment setup.


  • MariaDB Server setup

  • MariaDB Database Browser Tool

  • MariaDB Database Connect Using Browser Tool

MariaDB Server setup

There is a several way to setup MariaDB Server, this section we will download and setup XAMPP.

XAMPP Installation

This tutorial we will recommend you to install XAMPP, because it’s very easy, and it has build in MariaDB browser named PHPMyAdmin. There is a tutorial we have created for XAMPP Installation. Please see the tutorial in web or video and install the XAMPP.

MariaDB Database Browser Tool

You can use any database browser tool for graphical view, most cases people use console. Let’s see some Graphical tools.

Tool Name Support OS License Download URL





MySQL Workbench

Windows, Mac, Other

Free for community edition


HeidiSQL Portable for Windows install and connect to database

  • Go to download url and find the Portable version (zipped): 32 bit , 64 bit

  • After download the zip file, extract it.

  • Enter to the directory and double-click on the file called heidisql, wait until the software open.

  • Click on New from the bottom of the wizard.

  • Put following details

    • Hostname/IP: localhost (in my case)

    • User: root (in my case)

    • Password: (empty in my case)

    • Port: 3306

  • From left panel you can specify name of connect instead Unnamed

  • If everything okay then please click on open.

  • It will connect to the database.

MariaDB Environment Setup Video tutorial