Dart Language Overview

Dart is a client-optimized language for developing fast apps on any platform. Its goal is to offer the most productive programming language for multi-platform development, paired with a flexible execution runtime platform for app frameworks.

Dart Language Features

  • The Dart language is type safe

  • A dynamic type combined with runtime checks

  • Dart offers sound null safety

Dart Language Libraries

  • dart:core: Built-in types, collections, and other core functionality for every Dart program

  • dart:collection: Richer collection types such as queues, linked lists, hashmaps, and binary trees

  • dart:convert: Encoders and decoders for converting between different data representations, including JSON and UTF-8

  • dart:math: Mathematical constants and functions, and random number generation

  • dart:io: File, socket, HTTP, and other I/O support for non-web applications

  • dart:html: HTML elements and other resources for web-based applications that need to interact with the browser and the Document Object Model (DOM)